Welcome to our Buddhist (Mindfulness) Camps!

Our Leadership and Mindfulness Camp programs are designed for teens to explore Buddha Dharma, cultivate mindfulness and emotional intelligence in daily life. Our programs present the Dharma in a way that is interesting and meaningful, with group activities and games that engage our campers and encourage their participation.

At the end of our programs, we expect the campers to have an expanded idea of leadership from an ethical perspective, a mindfulness skill set easily applicable to daily life, a deeper understanding of the Dharma values, helping them to think more independently, be more innovative and more courageous in making decisions for themselves and others that are grounded in compassion and wisdom – the kind of leaders we need more of in our society.

Our programs are taught by university instructors, accredited teachers as well as University of Toronto graduate and under-graduate students, graduates and professionals in the fields of instruction. Our camp counsellors and teachers are also trained in mindfulness practices.

You can view our previous camp photos and read campers’ reflections in these camp postings:

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